Dunkelsteinerwald working group

The Dunkelsteinerwald micro-region is one of the oldest micro-regions in Lower Austria. Back in the early 1990s, municipal leaders recognised the advantages of the municipalities working with each other. The Dunkelsteinerwald working group – an association for regional planning – was finally founded and the cooperation made more binding in 1998.

Upon its founding, the micro-region of Dunkelsteinerwald set itself the following goals:

  • to safeguard and support the economy and businesses, 
  • to conserve nature and to expand the diverse cultural offerings of the cultural assets and associations,
  • to safeguard a common and attractive living space "Dunkelsteinerwald" for the local residents and guests beyond the limits of the municipalities.

After the year 2000, and in order to be able to achieve the cited goals, a "micro-regional development concept" was developed again in 2011. Three focal points were defined for the region in a broad-based citizens' participation process. In the coming years, intensive work will be done in the Dunkelsteinerwald on the topics "Health&SocialAffairs", "Leisure&LocalRecreation" and "Business&LabourMarket". A broad bundle of measures for achieving the cited goals was jointly developed.

Executive Board

Coordinator: mayor Mag. Stefan Gratzl (municipality Hafnerbach)
Deputy coordinator: mayor Franz Penz (municipality Dunkelsteinerwald)
Treasurer: mayor Hubert Luger (municipality Haunoldstein)
Deputy treasurer: mayor Barbara Egerer-Höld (municipality Neidling)
Secretary: mayor Mag. Roman Janacek (municipality Bergern im Dunkelsteinerwald)
Deputy Secretary: mayor Thomas Kraushofer (municipality Karlstetten)