Development strategy for the municipality of Dunkelsteinerwald

The direction for the long-term development of the municipality should be determined in cooperation with the local population. © Gemeinde Dunkelsteinerwald

In the municipality of Dunkelsteinerwald, there are three “centres” – Gansbach, Gerolding and Mauer – which constantly gives rise to conflicts. With this challenge in mind, the municipality would like to elaborate a long-term development strategy together with the citizens of all these settlements. A professionally competent company should be commissioned to support the process and create the necessary strategy.

The municipality of Dunkelsteinerwald was created in 1971 through the merger of the municipalities of Mauer, Gerolding, Gansbach and Kicking. The municipality covers an area of around 54 km². The three main locations of Gansbach, Gerolding and Mauer are three independent structures of social coexistence because they each have their own parishes, associations and facilities. This independence is reinforced by the respective traffic flows, which vary hugely due to the geographical location. Gansbach tends towards St. Pölten or Krems, while Gerolding and Mauer look towards Melk.

For decades, all major public facilities used to be available in the main centres. Although the municipality’s policy has been aimed at developing all parts of the municipality accordingly, the structural shift brought about a lot of change. Individual parts of the municipality developed extremely well, while others have been struggling with a loss of population and business for decades. This has further reinforced the local sense of patriotism, which in some areas is extremely pronounced, with a parochial way of thinking in the municipality.

The municipality should use the development strategy to set focal points and elaborate a long-term perspective for the Dunkelsteinerwald as a unit. At the centre of this is the long-term, integrated development of the municipality. The local population plays a significant role in this. With its help and through the involvement of regional companies and organisations, a platform for dialogue and space for communication between the three sub-regions will be offered as part of the participation process. The expected findings can be integrated at least partially into the development strategy of the Dunkelsteinerwald sub-region.

Online voting: 10.3.2017
Project promoter: municipality Dunkelsteinerwald
Funding level: 70%
Project duration: 3 years
Supported by the federal government, the federal province and the European Union (LEADER).